Don’t miss calls from those who miss you

With the voicemail feature you can check your messages wherever you are. Listen to your voicemail from any phone, or even from your online account. It can also deliver voicemails to your e-mail inbox in a convenient audio format.

Sometimes it’s more convenient and discreet to be able to read a message rather than listen to one. You can set your account to use voicemail preview to stay productive in these situations. With voicemail feature, your voice message is automatically transcribed to text and shown on the screen, along with the audio file. When you get a message, you can read it instead of listening to it. Then you can respond or delete the message on the same screen.


  • Listen to your voicemail messages from any phone, or your online account
  • It sends audio files of messages to your e-mail inbox
  • Easy to set up and configure
  • Stay on top of missed calls while on vacation or traveling

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