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Moving Communication To the Cloud

Moving Communication To the Cloud Schools nationwide started to use our communication services to cut costs and getting rid of hassle. We offers schools and libraries the same low costs and advanced features that businesses have enjoyed for years. We can helps you:

  • Avoid paying the huge up-front costs of a PBX or traditional carrier.
  • Substantially lower your phone costs.
  • Eliminate the need to pay for upgrades or to "get someone in here to fix the phones" again!
  • Get the VoIP extras that traditional phone systems lack such as voicemail-to-email, web conferencing and Internet faxing.


  • Improved productivity. Enhance the productivity of public-facing staff with call handling and routing that ensures better staff and student interaction. 
  • Conferencing and collaboration. IP conferencing and collaboration applications facilitate interaction and communication among teachers, pupils, and the community.
  • Messaging. Messaging applications improve parental outreach and community involvement.
  • A 21st-century learning environment 
  • Our systems helps learning institutions embrace a 21st-century learning environment with communications solutions that are: 
  •  Easy to deploy. Solutions can be deployed on your existing dedicated hardware or industry standard servers.
  •  Easy to adopt. Communications solutions are easy to adopt, integrate, manage, and use.
  • With our professional communications, experience an enhanced return on investment through education administrative efficiencies/productivity improvements, and hard capital operational cost savings. 

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