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Advancing your business into the future

Services Standard Premium Enterprise
PRICE 24.99 34.99 49.99
Business Group
Business Group line
Business Group Dialing plan
Intercom Dialing
Short Codes
Distinctive Ringing Internal/ External
Mandatory Validate Account codes
Call Park
Call Pick up
Directed Call pickup withoug barge in
Multi Line Hunt Group (MLHG)
MLHG Statics
Make Set Busy
Line State Monitoring
Bridged / shared line appearance
Caller name and caller id on business group
Premium Attendant
Music on hold
Custome Music on hold
Call Recording
Per Department Call park orbit code ranges
Voicemail to email
Screening List Editing
Unconditional Call forwarding
Busy call forwarding
Delayed call forwarding
Unavailable call forwarding
selective call forwarding
Fixed number Variant of call forwarding
Basic line hunting
Sim Ring
Find me follow me
IVR access to call forwaring
Remote access to call forwarding
Remote call forwarding
Calling number delivery
Calling name delivery blcoking
automatic recall
automatic callback
Automatic recall on busy
Automatic callback on busy
Customer orignated trace
Last caller id erasure
slective call rejection
Do not disturb
Selective call acceptance
Priority Call (distinctive call)
message center
message waiting indication
visual message waiting indication
Speech to text
Reminder call
Reminder call cancel
Three way calling
three way calling ringback
call transfer
call hold
call waiting
call waiting with caller id
Home intercom
Off premise extension
speed calling
call barring
Call whisper
Call barge
Call monitor
Call reporting
Call Center Reporting
Dispostion codes
Accession Softphone
Accession Mobile
Accession Meeting
Admin portal
User portal
Call Recording portal
Accession Chat
Call Jump
Accesion chat and file transfer